Thursday, September 4, 2008

update, whoop!

been finding my poker feet again lately on titan. so far so good although things could have gone a little better, my aces full of fours was obv going down to quad 4's, sigh!

will share some more once i sort out a few things like poker tracker 3, anyone used it? any good?

also found the following blog which has been making me laugh over the last couple of weeks, one/angry/kid

worth a gander if you're feeling a little angry!


AllanDuke 05 September, 2008 20:22  

Where is your Vegas trip report?

Pud's Poker 18 September, 2008 14:04  

You don't really want to be playing on iPoker without rakeback, the rake schedule there is terrible. I think someone worked it out on 2+2 as being at least 5PTBB/100

Extremadura 21 September, 2008 16:19  

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There are no report of verge trip.

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