Friday, July 17, 2009


looking for cost effective advertising that reaches a passionate and active audience of poker players?

If the answer is yes then seymour:cards is the right place for you.

seymour:cards is targeted towards online and live poker players, poker lovers and poker addicts!

we have a range of options available to help promote your brand to our audience.

full page blog post

editorial endorsement in the form of a 300 word post on your brand. this is an ideal way to reach our loyal readers in a less intrusive way. any post will be written openly and honestly to maintain editorial integrity proving correct and interesting content for our readers and position your brand in a honest and believable light.

super square sponsorship

the prime placement on seymour:cards. the super square appears on each and every page and holds the most prominent position on the site. as the largest and most prominent placement on seymour:cards the super square delivers unparalleled cut through to reach our audience

footer banner sponsorship

a footer banner is also available that will sit in a solus position at the bottom of the page. the footer banner will appear on every page allowing a unique opportunity to reach our readers as the enjoy our ever updating content.

text links

text links are the simplest form of advertising available on seymour:cards. a short text ad can be placed in the designated section on our sidebar giving a unique exposure to our audience for your brand.

*seymour:cards domination*

the ultimate package! the crème de la crème for your brand. seymour:cards domination involves a 30 day roadblock of advertising across the web experience. the domination includes the super square, footer sponsorship and three, that’s right 3, full page blog posts across the 30 day period. the seymour:cards domination delivers unrivalled exposure and total cut through to our audience.

all advertising opportunities are sold on a 30 day rotation with payment in advance of placement. i do not automatically renew placements on expiry of the 30 days as I would prefer to have conversation with each advertiser on what’s working and what’s not and apply any learning’s to deliver a stronger package. long term bookings however are accepted if required.

for information on rates and availability please email me on today.


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