Friday, July 25, 2008

less than a week until vegas!

getting myself set for vegas now, i leave early next week for my whirlwind 3 day business + pleasure trip.

i'll be staying at mandalay bay which i'm quite happy about as it looks pretty cool from what i've seen. no idea if they have a poker room, i'll suss that out on the ground otherwise i'll head to the bellagio.

also organising a table at tao as well. a friend has a fair few contacts in vegas so is sorting that stuff out.

other then that its going to be a mad dash between meetings and the felt.,,or the slots if i'm really time pressed.

it will be a good first taster regardless and since my total expenditure for the trip will equal what i lose, if i lose, you can't really beat that!

lets hope i hit a lucky streak while i'm there


Ryverrat 25 July, 2008 13:26  

good luck mate. Mandalay Bay have a relatively easy card room. Try to MGM $1/$2 tables if you want a stupidly easy game.

one/angry/kid 15 August, 2008 14:57  

the heat in vegas is crazy, watch out.

nothing like 45 celcius to get the blood boiling

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