Wednesday, July 2, 2008

challenge seymour

still travelling and haven't had the time to really bust out a serious session but have been dabbling. finding it really hard to motivate myself however when i only have 30 mins here or 45 mins there. just not enough time to get into the game, get some reads and make moves.

i think i may have a solution though. today mansion sent me a software cd containing a mighty $15 worth of free moolah! now its not a lot but i quite fancy playing with this little roll and seeing where i get too. i'll start at the micros and work my way up and hopefully take over the world without spending a penny.

hopefully i'll kick that off shortly and fill you all in on the progress.

now back to travel...boring....except i have to go to vegas at the end of the month for a baby!! can't wait, its gonna be a blast. i won't have a ton of free time but i'm gonna make the most of it. i'll probably try and only sleep on the plane ride out and then back again! not sure where i'm gonna be staying, organised by the corporation, but i probably won't be the bellagio...if its not then i'd like it to be here!

on a final note, it seems wombol has reinvented himself, or is in the process of doing so. he's started a new blog called social supremacy check it out if you have a minute. its not quite poker but its interesting none the less.

anyhoo folks, good luck at the tables


Freddy 04 July, 2008 11:53  

Mansion sent me $10 a while ago - I played it up to just over $20 and then shoved it all in with AA against some rubbish like KJoff...

guess what happened?

ellen 09 July, 2008 10:33  

Hi Blogger;
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Pud's Poker 12 July, 2008 11:02  

A free Vegas trip you lucky fish!

Glad Wombol is still around, I feared the worst when his old blog suddenly stopped!

Amatay 23 July, 2008 04:03  

where u @ fish, whats with all the travel?? You used to comment on my ghey bummer blog every day lol

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