Saturday, June 14, 2008

bank roll boost?

was wondering the other night how i was gonna boost my roll rapidly, and then, as if by the power of god the answer arrived, by email via burkina-faso...

"Dear Comrade,

How are you today? Hope all is well. Please be informed that I have decided to contact you for a fund transfer transaction worth the sum of US$10,500,000.00 into your reliable bank account as the sole NEXT-OF-KIN to the foreign deceased customer of our bank (an International Billionaire French Businessman) who was killed with his entire family by PLANE-CRASH in Central England atmost 3 years ago. Since his death occured, no body have show up as his next of kin for the claim because the account is untraceable.

Upon the investigation I carried out from his records, I found out that his foreign business consultant whowould have trace the account died earlier before the deceased. Therefore, this is a confidential and sealed deal.

For thesuccess of this transaction, you should apply and act as the onlyexisting NEXT-OF-KIN to the deceased which our bank will replace the deceased account information through proper documentation in position ofyour own account.

This transaction is risk-free, it will never harm your good reputation in your society because no one can trace the account, and on the instant of the transfer of the fund into your account, the chapter of this transaction will be closed entirely.

Note that in a business of this nature, the bank dont want to know yourdifference between the deceased country, religion or believe because our bank inheritance law is against that. So, it is a preference for us achieve this success without any problem.

Please note down that once the fund get transferred into your account, you will take 39% of the total sum while the rest will be for me as I will arrange myself down to your country to take my share.

I need your urgent response and include your private telephone/mobile numbers for easy communication.Please reply if you can be trusted in this deal.



how can i possibly turn this man down, he seems very nice and even wants to protect my good reputation in society. i'm going to contact him right now!


Anonymous,  14 June, 2008 16:54  

Bet the bank is in Nigeria. Bet Mr Kadiogo will confirm that when he arrives to pick up his share. What a lucky man you are; bet you didn;t even know you'd got a billionaire relative!You'll be able to SeymourDough...

Pud's Poker 16 June, 2008 16:39  

I used to get around three of these a week to my hotmail account.

There is a site dedicated to stringing these guys along. The address eludesme right now but I'll do some searching and let you know what it is when I find it as it's piss funny!

Wildcat 16 June, 2008 19:20  

I thought I had a deal with that bloke, he sent me a simmilar email. I hope he has enough money for both of us ;) is the site you are looking for pud :)

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