Monday, June 9, 2008

euro 2008 sports betting

anyone else get that tingle of disappointment as the czech republic vs swizzleland game kicked off on saturday? i certainly did, if only england were there, but then after 20 mins of the game i actually felt a little relieved i wouldn't be subjected to the stress and disappointment of england crashing out to a ronaldo penalty or some other dismal result.

with renewed enthusiasm i've decided to step back into the long forgotten waters of sports betting. i've steered clear of sports betting since the world cup because quite frankly i'm shite at it!! but nows the time to give it a little go me thinks.

i've deposited £25 into blue sq and i'm gonna see where that gets me. i'm not going to set the world on fire but it makes the games a little more interesting. my plan is to place a £5 bet on the results of each days games to improve my odds a little.

yesterday i put £5 on germany and croatia to win and tripled my dosh so good start. not sure about todays games yet but already looking forward to it.


Pud's Poker 09 June, 2008 13:25  

Difficult to pick winners from today's games mate. Holland vs Italy will be a tough one to pick from and I think Romania vs France could either be a France masterclass or a boring draw.

Anonymous,  10 June, 2008 01:08  

free bet

well, not bad lol..i thought france would win...

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