Saturday, July 18, 2009

watch out seymour is about!

i'm coming back!  after a prolonged absence, over a year really, i'm on the road home!  and when i return i aim to bring seymour:cards back to the top of the blog pile, lol!

i'm currently looking at freshening things up a little, dusting off the cobwebs, adding some more functionality and things.  you may, depending on how often you visit, see a couple template changes, although i think that i am close to deciding on the new look.

so whats gonna happen once i'm back, well firstly and most obviously i'll be sharing my poker exploits!  again i'm not gonna be setting the world on fire but i hope my passion for the game comes across and for once there won't be any mentions of bad beats!

secondly i want to help new players navigate the online poker world and find the love for the game that i have.  i'll be writing a series of posts on my poker journey and the things that i know now which i wish someone had told me when i set off.

thirdly i'll be sharing my view on the latest poker news and also posting some interesting insights into the world of online high stakes poker as the action has been pretty frickin insane so far this year and its likely to get better and better.

so make sure you come back soon, post you comments and enjoy the content.

all the best out there!


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