Tuesday, July 21, 2009

high stakes report

In the last month di dang aka urindanger has been seen playing at far lower stakes than his usual $500/1000 game. the action right at the top was pretty insane prior to the wsop with tom ‘durrrr’ dwan and gus hansen driving much of the gambling. however since pokers biggest event began back in june the action has all but dried up.

recently though, even with the return of gus to the tables, it’s the $200/400 stakes that have seen the most action. a combination of the old guard and new challengers looking to make the leap to the nose bleed stakes has resulted in some high octane games running. it also seems that di’s break from the sick and swingy upper echelons of high stakes online poker has done him a world of good. in fact urindanger is up over $800k in the last 5 days alone. this smoking hot run has helped di erase his previous loses (as recorded by highstaksdb) which topped $1.9m and he is now up by over $650k for the year.

hopefully we’ll see the action continue over the coming weeks and with durrrr still to return, maybe the biggest games will start running once again.


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