Wednesday, August 19, 2009

all change!

poker is going well at the moment, but one of the things i like to do periodically is change the room i'm using. i usually find it helps keep me fresh, interested and allows me to hunt new fish! with online poker being a largely solo pursuit, a visual change can often refocus the mind and give your game a little kick up the backside. there is nothing worse than getting lazy, lazy costs money!

since poker is the same everywhere its a pretty easy thing to do, just my roll, neteller and away we go! i've decided to download the poker software over at 888 and give it a go. its been a room i've been meaning to try for a while now and it seems like a good time to kick it up a gear.

i'll let you know how it goes, probably post a review once i've put in some hands there.


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snoopy1239 26 November, 2009 18:29  

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Rizwan Ali 26 November, 2011 10:30  

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AR of the same color. It is also a very strong hand. No pair but with the backing of the 5 community cards, there is a very good chance of finding an Ace or a King. We also have the opportunity to succeed if three color cards color appear on the common table, and even opportunities straight with one or two cards of the hand .... And yet we can win without any pair if the opponent did not ...

V-V, 10-10. These pairs are also great starting hands in No Limit Hold'em, especially against a single player. But we must be wary if several players are in the game as an ace, a king or a queen on the flop an overpair can give to an opponent.

9-9 and no deposit $10 bonuses. Hands interesting but not worth playing his shirt. Everything depends on the price to pay and the number of players in the game. You should know how much to bet and how to behave according to the bets or raises other players at the table ...

AD of the same color is also an excellent start.

A-R suit. AR is basically a great hand, but the fact that the two cards are not of the same color by the devalued a bit, so it is lower in the ranking of starting hands ...

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These hands are the 10 basic best Texas Hold'em No Limit. This gives an idea of the hierarchy A PRIORI. During your first few games of poker, you could almost limited to play these starting hands and then with all other Place! That would be your best chance to finish winner ... But it would not be very funny because it forces you to stay out of action for up to an hour at a time. What a bore! ...

So in general, if you want to play more hands, here are some tips: when your two cards are not not a pair, it is better that they are the same color, either the largest possible cards and that they are at maximum close to one another. This will give you the maximum opportunity for improvement with the flop cards.

We can therefore expand our selection criteria as hands RD of the same color, V-10 of the same color, sometimes AJ the same color or the same color DV ...

The small cards are worth, them, to be played if they are "connected" and "matching, that is to say, very close to one another and the same color, for example 9-8 Clover, 7-8 Tile or mêm 6-5 of spades. These are games "to surprise" if you "touch" a good flop, because the opponent, logically, you "see" rather than on "big cards ".

This gives an idea of the selection criteria of your starting hands. He most important lesson is that there are all the other hands, which constitute the vast majority of all those that you distribute. Those hands, NEVER THE PLAY: everything 10-2, 9-4, V-3, Titan ipoker promo , etc, etc .... All these hands are not good hope of gain, even if the two cards are of the same color.

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